Nazir Dawi

Coordinator for Paktika Province

About Me

Nazir Dawi currently serves as Afghan Relief’s Coordinator for Paktika province. Mr Diwi has devoted much of his life to helping Afghans and has dedicated many years to supporting education projects in Afghanistan. Mr. Diwi is a founding member of Arj Social Organization based in Kabul. He is also the founder of Dawi Private School and Dawi Educational Center in Kabul Afghanistan. In early 2018, Nazir Dawi initiated I Deserve Education in Kabul Afghanistan. This learning program aims to locate street-working children who quit schooling to provide for their families. This initiative helps those children to enroll back in school and makes sure they have food at home. Mohammad Nazir Dawi is a Fulbright graduate student from Afghanistan at the University of Missouri where he studies Public Administration.